Terms and Conditions

Your Privacy
We value you as a customer and value your privacy.

Softi Software does not lend, lease, sell, or market information it obtains from its customers or those who provide us personally identifiable information. Softi Software does not disclose purchase information or licensing information to third parties. If you purchase a Softi Software Product then Softi Software collects personally identifiable information whenever an individual or business entity purchases/licenses a Softi Software product. Information includes Name, Address, Phone Number, Email address, Product Purchases, Licenses Owned, Employee/Contact Details.

We do not store any financial details such as credit/debit card information.

The information we collect allows Softi Software to communicate with you regarding upcoming product updates, to enable us to retrieve lost license keys. To help prevent software piracy, Softi Software also collects information on the number of installations of a given product you've purchased via our online product licensing systems. The only information logged during software installation is your serial number, computer name, public IP address and date.

If you've registered with Softi Software and want to be removed from any mailing list, you can do so by writing to us at info@Softi.co.uk

Softi Software reserves the right to modify and update its privacy policies as needs dictate and as legal requirements are updated. If and when a change is made to our privacy policy, our web site privacy statement will be duly updated to reflect the change.

Our products are digital delivery only, we do not ship physical boxes/CD's.

After purchase you will be emailed an installation serial number and a link for you to download the full version of the software ordered. This information will be sent to the email address you supplied when filing in the order form, this email may take up to 8 hours to reach you so please bear this in mind before contacting us. We reserve the right to cancel and deactivate software licenses in the event of card/Paypal chargebacks and unpaid invoices.
We provide free updates for 12 months from the date of purchase. Updates can be downloaded using the link in your original email sent by us. Please note that we constantly review and revise our software and features can be removed as well as added but you are always entitled to the version originally ordered.

Our software runs for 30 days before purchasing and is not feature limited so we require that you use the trial to make sure it works perfectly with your scanning hardware and the software features meet your expectations.
We may refund your purchase at our discretion. If you feel you have grounds for a refund then please email us at sales@softi.co.uk and we will review your case. If successful then we will only refund the full purchase cost for up to 30 days after your initial payment.

If you need to re-download your software sometime in the future or you have forgotten your installation serial number then please contact us and we will endeavor to retrieve your information free of charge.
We provide free technical support by email for 12 months after purchase of any software product.

For technical support please email info@softi.co.uk We do not provide telephone support.

We cannot guarantee that our software will work with all scanning hardware and drivers which is why we provide a free trial. If you have updated your drivers or aquired a new scanner which does not function correctly with our software then we will make reasonable efforts to get it working but this may not be possible.

A license must be purchased for each client computer that the software is installed on or uses the software. If the computer has multiple user profiles then that is allowed because the software is only used by one person at a time.