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Welcome to Softi Software. We offer quality, well designed but affordable software for scanning to PDF on PC's running Microsoft Windows.

PDF Scanning Process

Scan to PDF can interface with most standard Twain desktop scanners and can scan to multi page PDF documents even if your scanner does not have an automatic document feeder.

ScanWiz is more advanced and adds additional features such as the ability to add pages to existing PDF's, deskew, reordering of the scanned pages and also includes a useful double sided mode which means you can scan one side of your document then the other side and ScanWiz will automatically order the pages for you.


Download a free 30 day trial version of our software

Our trials are fully functional and do not leave watermarks the output PDF's so you can use them for 30 days and make an informed buying decision at your leisure.

Benefits of scanning

Its now easy to scan all your paper documents to a PDF and file them on your PC with our software. Produce industry standard PDF files for archiving and filing, save clutter and space. If you need to send someone a document its now easier to scan and email them a PDF making faxes obsolete!

Documents produced with our software have superior compression and quality compared to most free software that is bundled with scanniners and are fully compliant with Adobe specifications.

We are committed to providing support for the latest Windows operating systems. Our software fully supports Microsoft Windows 10, 8 and 7



Scan to PDF Software



Your software is amazing !
"I downloaded a few other similar applications but yours beats them hands down on ease of use, functionality and price Thank you Softi"
Mr G.Douglas


Quality product
"ScanWiz installed and worked perfectly compared to some other scan software I tried I am glad to place an order with you"
Jason Fuller

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