Description of Buttons
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ScanWiz Buttons

Main Toolbar

Select Scanner - Allows you to choose what scanner\driver to use

Show/Hide Dialog - You can click to scan without using the default Twain dialog

Scan (Keyboard shortcut is F5) - Starts scanning if dialog is hidden or display the scanner driver dialog

Save (Keyboard shortcut is F6) - Display the save dialog

Append - Allows you to save the scanned pages to an existing PDF

Print - Display the Print dialog

Clear - Close the current document and will delete all pages

PDF Preview - Open the scanned document without saving, handy for emailing.

Help (F1) - Open (this) help guide

Settings - Change ScanWiz default settings

Exit - Exit ScanWiz

Image Toolbar

Fit Image - Enlarges or reduces the image to fit or fit by width

Zoom - Enlarge or reduce the image display

Rotate - Rotate the image in 90 degree steps

Selection - Allows you to select an area on the image to Crop (right click on image after selection)

Hand Tool - When the image is zoomed in you can pan the image around the screen.

Delete Page - Deletes the currently selected page