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ScanWiz has a number of options when the Settings button is pressed.


Use a default save Location
When saving your scanned PDF you can choose a folder with this option to save browsing through multiple folders.

Auto clear document after saving
After saving your PDF or Tiff document this will clear the scanning window ready to scan a new document, if you need to save the document to more than one location then turn this option off.

Open PDF after saving
This will open the scanned PDF immediately after saving which is useful if you like to check every document after scanning.

Correct Negative Image
This should only be used if when scanning in Black and White your images are reversed ie.white text on black paper.

File Transfer mode
This requires less memory when transferring images from your scanner and may help when scanning in large color documents. Do not turn on unless you are experiencing memory errors.

Twain 1.7 Mode
Try this is you are experiencing problems with your scanner as this is more backward compatible then Twain 1.9 specs normally used. This has no affect on WIA scanners.

Native WIA mode
Will communicate with your WIA scanner directly and not using Twain, this may help if you have problems scanning using the document feeder. This setting does not work with Twain scanners.

Convert Legal to Letter Size
If your scanner defaults to Legal (8.5x14) and you want letter (8.5x11) then this option will crop the bottom of the image for you.

Convert Color to Greyscale
Even if you scan in color with this option is set all images will be converted to greyscale.

JPG Compression (also affects color and greyscale PDF's)
This setting is a value from 10 to 100 and is the Jpeg compression of the image for color and greyscale images. A value of 10 is very highly compressed and will be a small file size but the quality will be lower. 80 is the standard setting.

This setting will have no effect for black & white scans which are stored as G4 compression not Jpeg.

ScanWiz color theme

This allows to to set the appearance of ScanWiz to the color you prefer.

Scan Settings Tab


This sets option to use when scanning without showing the scanners interface.

You can choose your default paper size, document feed and duplex ect.

The standard quality setting equates to 200 DPI and is a good compromise between small image files and quality but try the different settings with your own documents.

Native WIA mode will communicate with your scanner directly and not using Twain, this often helps if you have problems scanning using the document feeder. (This setting does not work with Twain scanners)