Create Small PDF Documents
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The file size for created documents can vary a lot but generally speaking if you want small documents that will be fast to email then scan in Black and White and do not use a high dpi, 200dpi should be fine for most uses.

A Color or Greyscale document will actually be about 10x bigger then the equivalent Black and White document but you can set the compression for Color & Greyscale in the settings dialog.


You can set a value of between 10 to 100 where 10 is the smallest file size but the least quality. 70 is the default setting.

1 page scanned at 200dpi Black & White will be about 25kb but would be over 200kb for Colour or Greyscale

Tip: When trying out different compression settings just click the PDF preview button and you can see the results without having to save the document first.