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Scan to PDF has a number of options when the Settings button is pressed.

Native WIA Transfer
WIA stands for Windows Image Acquisition and is Microsoft's alternative to Twain Transfer, most scanners support both methods. If you have problems most commonly when using the document feeder then try this setting.

Correct Negative Image
This should only be used if when scanning in Black and White your images are reversed ie.white text on black paper.

File Transfer Mode
Some scanners support this option and may work more reliably if you scan over 300dpi Color or Greyscale.

Convert Legal to Letter Size
If your scanner defaults to Legal (8.5x14) and you want letter (8.5x11) then this option will crop the bottom of the image off for you.

Convert Color to Greyscale
Even if you scan in color with this option is set all images will be converted to greyscale.

Use a default save folder
When saving your scanned PDF you can choose a folder with this option to save browsing through multiple folders.

Clear document after saving
After saving your PDF document this will clear the scanning window ready to scan a new document, if you need to save the PDF to more than one location then turn this option off.

Open PDF after saving
This will open the scanned PDF immediately after saving which is useful if you like to check every document after scanning.

PDF page size
This will set the page size for the scanned PDF and if you scanner supports it will set the scanning area to the same.

This will set the compression for color and greyscale scans. 100 is the best quality but the lagest file size. Setting to a value lower than 70 then scanned text will start to appear fuzzy. You can scan a document and try different settings and then view the results by pressing the preview button afterwards.