Getting Started
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Basic Scanning
Before you start click on the "Select Scanner" button and choose what scanner you would like to use.

WIA or Twain?
Your scanner may appear twice in the list, this is normal if you have Twain and WIA drivers installed, one or more of the listings will have WIA in front of the scanner name.

Also bear in mind that a lot of Multi function Devices also have memory card readers which will appear in the list as well so if you get a dialog that pops up asking "Which pictures do you want to copy?" then press the Select button again and try a different option.

Press the Scan Button


When you press the scan button in our software it transfers control to your scanners driver

Please note that the scan settings dialog that appears next is not part of Scan to PDF so if you have questions about the scan settings then you will need to consult the documentation that came with your scanner.

DPI stands for Dots per Inch and is the scanning resolution and we would recommend scanning standard documents at 200 DPI but you may need to increase to 300 DPI for very fine print.Scanning at higher resolutions will just slow everything down and produce huge PDF files.

If you need the smallest file size then use black & white as greyscale & color file sizes are typically 5-10x bigger but bear in mind that you may need to use color or greyscale if you have poor quality originals with light print or a colored background.

After scanning you can rotate pages if necessary using the rotate buttons

Just click on a page first to highlight it then press a rotate button

Save your PDF


After clicking on save you can browse to a suitable location to save you PDF document.

Other Buttons

Preview Button


This button will send your scanned PDF to your default PDF viewer this can be handy to print or email the document without saving first.

Delete Selected Page

This will delete the currently selected page

Scanning without using the settings dialog

Some Twain scanners support scanning without showing the settings dialog first.
This options save a few mouse clicks and defaults to using the document feeder if you scanner has one.

Untick the Show Scanner Dialog option as shown below


You can set the Quality and Color mode using the options here

Standard is 200 DPI and is a good balance between quality and small filesize but try the different options with your documents.

When hiding the dialog the default settings of your scanner will apply so if you need to enable other options such as duplex, brightness and Autofeed then you will need to display the settings before scanning.

Common Problems
If when hiding the dialog your document feeder only scans one page or all pages are the same image then try using Native WIA mode (settings page)