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ScanWiz is very simple to use and supports scanning to PDF and can also save documents as compressed TIFF as well as many other popular image files.

Scanner Software


  • Scan to PDF & Scan to TIFF (the top 2 industry standard files for document imaging)

  • Scan and build multi page documents even with a flatbed scanner.

  • Reorder the pages of scanned document

  • Save pages to the end of an existing PDF using the Append function

  • Detail and Thumbnail view of scans

  • Double sided mode (scan first side turn over then scan backside and pages will be reordered)

  • Drive a Twan scanner without showing the default dialog


System Requirements

Microsoft Operating Systems

Windows XP, Vista and 7
Windows 8 Desktop (Not Metro/RT)
Server 2003/2008 (Terminal Server and Citrix are not supported )
Windows 10 *(see note below)

Recommended Minimum Specification:

Pentium Processor
1GB Memory (RAM)
10MB Free Disk Space
SVGA Resolution Display

* Windows 10 users please note that your scanner hardware and drivers must be compatible with Win 10 for our software to work. to make sure simply download and make use of our 30 day trial and test with your scanner

Scanner with compatible drivers:

Twain drivers are recommended for all scanners

While WIA drivers may work with some flatbed scanners they are not recommended or supported for scanners with a document feeder. For more information on WIA drivers click here

The easiest way to check if your scanner in compatible is to download and use the free trial.

Download Free Trial

Our software is free from viruses and spyware and the trial versions do not have annoying limitations or watermarks on output documents, they are exactly the same as the full version except they will stop working after 30 days.




Here are frequently asked questions about ScanWiz

Q. Will ScanWiz work with my scanner?
A. It should work perfectly with all Twain compliant scanners and some WIA scanners (which is over 90% of all available scanners) I would suggest that you download the free trial & check everything works to your expectation.

Q. What version of Adobe Reader (Acrobat) is needed to read documents produced by ScanWiz ?
A. Adobe Reader V3 upwards

Q. Can I use my scanners document feeder and or duplex functions ?
A. Yes it works with all scanner functions provided you use Twain drivers.

Q. Can I email a PDF directly from your software ?
A. You can email without first saving the document by using the PDF preview function Click here for more details

Q. What is the best resolution to use ?
A. 200dpi is fine for most documents but if you have very small print then 300dpi would be better. Higher resolutions will just slow down scanning and produce huge PDF files. Also black and white images are far smaller than greyscale or color.

Q. How do I get the smallest file size for my PDF's ?
A. Scan in Black & White then Scan to PDF will use G4 compression which will make the PDF's  5-10x smaller than grayscale or color. 1 page @ 200 dpi will typically be less than 30kb

Q. Can I produce color PDF documents ?
A. Yes, ScanWiz has advanced compression for color images which makes the files smaller while still retaining excellent quality.

Q. Can ScanWiz produce searchable PDF's ?
A. No the PDF's created contain images only.

Please see our support section for more technical FAQ



Download a free 30 day trial version of our software

The easiest way to find out more is to download the trial, it only takes a minute to download and install and a few seconds to uninstall if you wish.


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ScanWiz is software done right
"I downloaded the scanning software, scanned and PDF'd a legal document in about 3 minutes. I am totally impressed with this software. I messed with this process for over 2 hours a month ago and never came up with the results that I wanted. Now with ScanWiz, I feel like my contract signing and sending processes are going to get so much easier and faster."
Ben Mc Gaughey


ScanWiz is Flawless
"When I saw the price of ScanWiz I wasn't expecting much but boy was I surprised! the whole process was flawless from downloading, installing to scanning. I didn't even need to read the help documents as ScanWiz was intuitive and easy to use I wish I had this experience with other scanner software vendors Thank you"
Henry Whitaker